Monday April 24th, 2017

A) Warm-up

1) Monster Walks (d/b/s/s)
    Sprint down and back after each one
    Carioca (d+b)
    Wheelbarrow (partner)
2) Partner Front Rack Stretch (The Don Browning)
3) Clean Warmup
      Strict Muscle Clean (Elbows and rotate)
      Muscle Clean
      Power Clean from Hips
      Power Clean from Hips + Squat
      Clean from Hips
      Sots Press (Front Rack)
4) 7 Minutes to Work up to 70%


B) Weightlifting

High-Hang Clean (OTM x 20, All reps at 70-80%)



FUN: Metcon (Time)100 Wall Balls for Time (14#/10#)

FIT: Karen (Time)For Time: 
150 Wall-Ball Shots, 20#/14#