Interested in Rail Splitter CrossFit? Well, let us, here at RSCF get you started. To ensure your safety and progress towards a healthy lifestyle, we ask that all of our future members take our foundations course, where we establish mechanics, consistency and intensity.  This course starts at the beginning of every month and runs for 2 weeks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 6-7:15pm. Once you show competence in the 9 functional movements of CrossFit, you will advance to regular classes. If we feel you are not ready to join regular classes after the completion of Foundations, then one-on-ones may be added to progress you towards regular classes.  We understand not everyone can make those evenings, so if you cannot attend our course times call or email to schedule 1-on-1 sessions to complete your Foundations program. 

**If you are coming from another gym and or have previous experience with CrossFit, contact us via email or phone and we will guide you in the right direction. 

Spring 2019 Upcoming Foundations: 

April 9, 10, 11- 16,17,18

May 7, 8, 9 - 14, 15, 16

June 4,5,6 -11,12,13

July 9,10,11- 16,17,18

You will pay a one time fee of $99 for foundations + 2 weeks of CrossFit Classes here at Rail Splitter CrossFit. On the last day of Foundations we will go over contracts and get you started for the following month. Information on pricing can be found on our pricing page. 

Fill out the form below with any questions about getting started. Your first class is free of charge so stop making excuses and get started today here at Rail Splitter CrossFit.

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