CF-L2 Weightlifting
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After graduating from Rochester in 2012, I made my way to a small Free Methodist college in Greenville Illinois with full intentions on becoming a youth minister. While at Greenville I was recruited for the track team to throw the hammer and indoor weight, this is where I was introduced to Olympic Weightlifting and interval training. During that year I fell in love with training and fitness, so much that I decide to change my path and become a trainer/ cattle farmer. One of those things continue to work and led me to CrossFit. I've never had a passion for anything like I have coaching and over the last few year I've pursued it endlessly. Over the next few years I plan on progressing towards my CF-Level 3 and Level 4 certifications, and eventually working for CrossFit HQ. I'm extremely excited and blessed to be apart of The Rail Splitter Community and cannot wait to meet everyone!