Trainer Wanted

We are looking to add a few more classes to our schedule and we need to hire another part-time trainer. These classes will be heart rate monitored high intensity classes (no barbell) and will be 40-45 minutes of straight dynamic training.

Trainer Requirements

  • 2 years of group exercise instruction strongly preferred.

  • Excellent customer service and communication skills, including the ability to motivate others.

  • CPR and First Aid certifications from the AHA or American Red Cross Required

  • Current group exercise instructor certification from ACE,AFAA,ACSM or other nationally accredited specialty classes required.

  • Last and most importantly, we are a family here and want to make sure you are happy and love being a trainer, Passion is Contagious.


  • $15/hour

  • Free Membership to Rail Splitter CrossFit and all services included with employment

Classes a Week

  • M/W/F 6am,Noon,6pm

  • Saturday 9am/10am

  • More classes to be added based on your success leading them.

Contact Rail Splitter Crossfit at with any questions or to line up your interview today.

Capitol Takeover WOD 1

WOD 1 - RX
8 Alternating Rounds
  100m Sprint
  4 Full Cleans (195/133)
  1 Rope Climb

12 Minute Cap

Partner B must be straddling the treadmill but must wait for Partner A to tag them in to start their run


WOD 1 - Scaled
6 Alternating Rounds
   100m Sprint
   5 Full Cleans (135/93)
   5 K2C+Pull-up (1+1×5)

12 Minute Cap

For the K2C+PU rep to count both must be done without dropping from the bar. If you miss the pull-up you must repeat the accompanying K2C.

Athletes in the Scaled Division are allowed to Power Clean and then perform a Front Squat. 



Capitol Takeover WOD 3


Our third workout is brought to you by Jones Chiropractic. There is two parts to this workout and they are scored separately.

WOD 3a will be heaviest weight lifted by each athlete, athletes will only be given three attempts(pay attention to video). This portion will also be the built in tie breaker.

WOD 3b will be a 7 minute AMRAP of Alt. Pistols, OHS and Box Facing Burpee Box Jump Overs. Please pay close attention to standards for each division.


0-6 Minutes establish 1RM Snatch

Rest 1 Minute

7-14 minutes

50 Alt. Pistols

50 OHS(155/103)

50 BFBBJO(24/20)


0-6 Minutes establish 1RM Snatch

Rest 1 Minute

7-14 minutes

50 Goblet Squats(53/35)

50 OHS(95/63)

50 BFBBJO(24/20)


  • You are allowed to Power Snatch or Squat Snatch your 1RM
  • Athletes are only allowed three attempts for the 1RM Snatch
  • Athletes must stand all the way up before they alternate and perform their next pistol
  • Athletes must are not allowed to rest the KB on any part of their body during the Goblet Squat
  • Athletes are allowed to snatch into their first OHS and it will count as a rep as long as they are below parallel
  • RX athletes must perform a box jump, they are allowed to jump all the way over the box though
  • Scaled/Masters athletes may perform a step-up to complete the rep over the box. They may jump onto the box or all the way over as well
  • Athletes must be in the designated "work area" before they start their reps
  • Athletes are responsible for moving their barbell in and out of the "work area"
  • Athletes must perform at least one rep but only a maximum of ten reps of each movement. For example, once an athlete does ten pistols they must tag out and the other athlete must go. 
  • Link Below

Capitol Takeover WOD 2




12 Minute AMRAP

30 Calorie Assault

20 Toes to Bar

10 Thrusters (135/93)



12 Minute AMRAP

30 Calorie Assault Bike

20 Knees to Chest

10 Thrusters (105/73)


Masters/ScaledOur second workout is brought to you by PhysioTherapy Professionals. During this 12 minute AMRAP, athletes are allowed to split up reps however they choose. For example, Partner A can knock out 20 cals. come back and tag Partner B in to finish the other 10 Cals. Partner B can then start the TTB. They can knock out 12 TTB then tag in partner A, so on and so on. They just must stay in designated "rest area" until working athlete tags them in. Again, we will point out some FAQ below and address them.

  • Your assault bike will be reset after your completion of 30 cals. You will be starting back at zero at the start of each round. A volunteer will be resetting your bike for you. The judge will stay with athletes to count reps.
  • TTB and "Heels above Butt" Athletes must touch bar at the same time with both feet and must extend past the upright before attempting your next rep. For scaled/masters, athletes must have both heels above butt before rep counts, they must also extend fully past upright before starting their next rep.
  • Thrusters: Athletes may squat clean into their first thruster and it will count as a rep once full lockout of hips and arms is established at the top of the movement. Athletes must get below parallel during the squat portion of the thruster for it to count. Any athlete who "ghost rides" the barbell or does not control the barbell back to the ground, will be issued a "No Rep" This is to ensure safety of all athletes, judges and volunteers.
  • Link Below



Capitol Takeover WOD 1



For Time

Partner A: (21/15)(15/12)(9/9)

Partner B: (21/15)(15/12)(9/9)

Alternating Dumbbell Squat Snatch (50/35)

Bar Muscle Ups



For Time

Partner A: (21/21)(15/15)(9/9)

Partner B: (21/21)(15/15)(9/9)

Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (50/35)


Our first workout is brought to you by one of our sponsors, Bear Komplex. We are excited to start the day off with some Dumbbells and Gymnastics. Please pay close attention to detail to eliminate any confusion the day of the event. Our standards will be held the same across the board and "No Reps" will be given out until movement is corrected. A few notes to element any confusion:

  • DB snatches are alternating. Your other hand may not touch any part of your body(Open Standard). Full lockout of hips and arm must happen before the rep is counted. You are allowed to switch hands mid-air or once the DB is on the ground. Both heads of the DB must touch the ground.
  • RX division must perform a full squat snatch with their DB.
  • Scaled and Masters divisions may perform power snatches with DB.
  • Scaled and Masters divisions may assist one another with Pull-Ups. 
  • Partner A must complete his/her reps of DB snatches and Bar MU/Pullups before Partner B can start their set of DB snatches and Bar MU/Pullups.
  • There will be a designated "rest area" and designated "work area"
  • Partners must tag teammate before they are allowed out of the "rest area"
  • Our judges get the final say, if they call a "NO REP" and you are uncertain what part of the movement is not being established, please communicate with the judge and they will let you know.
  • Link to video is below.

Winter WODs 2017

We are excited to announce we will be hosting the Winter WODs in 2017. After discussing the weekend and how much fun everyone had, we decided to keep it going from here on out. We are still planning for the first weekend in December.

We will be keeping the 2 day format and you guessed it, the Swim WOD! A website will be launched the first of the year and we will keep everyone updated on the event and when registration goes live! 


The Railsplitters

Members of Railsplitter CrossFit should now begin preparation for what is slated to be the most extreme event of the year. WOD one will consist of the acquisition of formal clothing so you will be adequately dressed before you begin the second WOD. WOD two will require you to report to the event venue at Firefighter Lake Club on Friday, December 9th at 6:00 p.m. WOD three will begin with cocktails followed immediately by the longest WOD where a catered meal by nelson’s catering company will provide the energy required to complete the event. The final WOD for the evening will award this year’s achievements preparing the way for what is sure to be our most accomplished year ever in 2017. Members are strongly encouraged to attend this event.

Why are we doing this? To honor you, of course! Every day each one of you comes in and busts your butt to live a better life, set a better example for your children, or just to chase that competition high! These workouts are hard and grueling and it’s truly an inspiration to see everyone put in so much work every day. Your continued faith in our knowledge, coaching, and facility is what makes this the best community and gym in Springfield!

  • ●  Most Improved Athlete

  • ●  Biggest Loser Award

  • ●  Attendance Award

  • ●  Welcome Wagon

  • ●  Most Likely to End a Workout Shirtless

  • ●  Most Likely to Start a Workout Shirtless

  • ●  Spirit of CrossFit Award

  • ●  Gear Bunny Award

  • ●  Abominable Chalk Monster Award

Tickets will be available for purchase next week. Check only made out to Railsplitter CrossFit. 

Tickets will be available for purchase next week. Check only made out to Railsplitter CrossFit. 

Final Festivus Scores!

Congratulations to all who participated in the first Team Festivus Games yesterday! Everyone performed admirably and it was truly an exciting event to watch and to host! Below you can find all the scores from that day. In the event of a tie after the final wod, the tie-breaker was whichever team performed better on WOD 1 (3-1-2? It's So Complex!)


New Head Coach at Rail Splitter CrossFit!

We are excited to announce that Rachel Compton will be starting on May 16th as the new Head Coach at Rail Splitter CrossFit. I have personally known Rachel for quite some time now and I know her passion for this Sport is unlike many others. Instead of me rambling on about her, I had her write up and little newsletter to introduce herself! 

Hey Rail Splitter CrossFit,

I know Catlin has been waiting to tell you all and I have been too, so sorry it took so long but I just wanted to introduce myself as your new Head Trainer for Rail Splitter CrossFit. My name is Rachel Compton and I was born and raised in Edwardsville, IL. Just a little bit about myself, over the years I have become very family orientated, some of my family is from Springfield, IL so I am excited to be closer to them. I enjoy CrossFit obviously, my favorite lift is, idk ask me on a different day, HAHA, I love HSPU and squatting (chasing a 300lb back squat by the end of the year, so I need your guys help ☺). I love camping and wake-boarding during the summer, that is something we do as a family in Litchfield, IL. I also love traveling to Colorado to snowboard. I have 3 older brothers and four nieces and nephews, which are my god kids as well. Growing up I was a multi-sport athlete, year round playing softball, volleyball, and soccer competitively, however soccer was my first love. Following graduation from Edwardsville High School, I continued my education and athletic career at Southeast Missouri State University where I played Division-I Soccer. Arriving at SEMO, I was told weightlifting would make me slower and I needed to stop lifting as much, being the athlete I was I giggled and continued to lift because I knew that was false☺.

As my collegiate career was coming to an end I needed something competitive, and that is when my life completely changed… I found CrossFit in March of 2012 and let me tell you, even as a collegiate athlete walking into my first CrossFit Affiliate I was scared SH**less like everyone else. I thought, “oh I got this I’m a D-I athlete”….HA- NOPE, I got my butt handed to me and I was dying ;)!!!… I immediately fell in love (OCD: Obsessive CrossFit Disorder) is what I like to call it.  Growing up I wanted to be a D-I soccer coach but over the years that slowly changed and once I found CrossFit I knew I had to make this my career somehow. Sure, I enjoy competing and still do it, but my passion is coaching and helping others be successful, of which I can’t wait to do with you guys.  I hold a CF-L1, CrossFit Kids and FMT Level I certifications and am looking to work my way up the ladder. I started shadowing CrossFit coaches in 2012 and coaching on my own by 2013/2014. This coming year I will be attending the CF-L2 certification course, after I get settled in my new home of Rail Splitter CrossFit. So, why Rail Splitter? Well, before you guys were even built, I knew about it from my great friend Catlin and I just knew it was going to be something special because he wouldn’t shut up about it!! ;) ;)  Sitting on the beach in California at the 2015 CrossFit Games just shooting the shit and talking about how cool it would be to coach together come May of next year (2016).  Because he wouldn’t shut up about the new affiliate, I just knew I had to watch him and the gym closely. I watched him and his partners Sonny and Zack build the amazing community you all have and I just sat back and thought, how stinking cool it would if I could be a part of that community and staff? Rail Splitter CrossFit has a unique blend of coaches who are beyond passionate about their community, facility, and members and what better staff/community is there to be a part of; Can't think of one! I can’t express how excited I am to join you all come May; to learn from each and every one of you, share my knowledge and help you become better athletes inside and outside of the gym.  So with that being said I will see you all come May!!!

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. ”-John C. Maxwell


Coach Rachel  


Exciting News!

We are excited to announce we will be hiring a full time Head Coach very soon! We have experienced some amazing growth in our community since we opened on August 1st, 2015. Adding a new full time head coach to run classes and make sure everything is going smoothly will help ensure our members are receiving the service they deserve! With the new addition to our team we will be adding:

  • More class times
  • More Open Gym times
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Weightlifting Classes held during prime hours
  • Clinics every weekend
  • Boot Camp style classes

More details will be unfolding within the next couple of days and we will keep you all informed!

PS- This community of amazing individuals is the best and thank you for believing in us from the start.

Your Rail Splitter CrossFit Owners

CrossFit Games Open WOD 16.5

For the final week of competition, Team Fire takes away a victory!

A note about scoring on this workout, since this was for time and not reps, all RX'd scores (noted in Bold) were automatically ranked higher than all scaled scores

CrossFit Games Open WOD 16.3

Blue Team took back the title this week! Remember, if you are signed up for the open but do not complete the workout (barring injury or sickness) you are hurting your teams score more than you would be if you only did 1 rep, so let's all embrace the suck together!