New Head Coach at Rail Splitter CrossFit!

We are excited to announce that Rachel Compton will be starting on May 16th as the new Head Coach at Rail Splitter CrossFit. I have personally known Rachel for quite some time now and I know her passion for this Sport is unlike many others. Instead of me rambling on about her, I had her write up and little newsletter to introduce herself! 

Hey Rail Splitter CrossFit,

I know Catlin has been waiting to tell you all and I have been too, so sorry it took so long but I just wanted to introduce myself as your new Head Trainer for Rail Splitter CrossFit. My name is Rachel Compton and I was born and raised in Edwardsville, IL. Just a little bit about myself, over the years I have become very family orientated, some of my family is from Springfield, IL so I am excited to be closer to them. I enjoy CrossFit obviously, my favorite lift is, idk ask me on a different day, HAHA, I love HSPU and squatting (chasing a 300lb back squat by the end of the year, so I need your guys help ☺). I love camping and wake-boarding during the summer, that is something we do as a family in Litchfield, IL. I also love traveling to Colorado to snowboard. I have 3 older brothers and four nieces and nephews, which are my god kids as well. Growing up I was a multi-sport athlete, year round playing softball, volleyball, and soccer competitively, however soccer was my first love. Following graduation from Edwardsville High School, I continued my education and athletic career at Southeast Missouri State University where I played Division-I Soccer. Arriving at SEMO, I was told weightlifting would make me slower and I needed to stop lifting as much, being the athlete I was I giggled and continued to lift because I knew that was false☺.

As my collegiate career was coming to an end I needed something competitive, and that is when my life completely changed… I found CrossFit in March of 2012 and let me tell you, even as a collegiate athlete walking into my first CrossFit Affiliate I was scared SH**less like everyone else. I thought, “oh I got this I’m a D-I athlete”….HA- NOPE, I got my butt handed to me and I was dying ;)!!!… I immediately fell in love (OCD: Obsessive CrossFit Disorder) is what I like to call it.  Growing up I wanted to be a D-I soccer coach but over the years that slowly changed and once I found CrossFit I knew I had to make this my career somehow. Sure, I enjoy competing and still do it, but my passion is coaching and helping others be successful, of which I can’t wait to do with you guys.  I hold a CF-L1, CrossFit Kids and FMT Level I certifications and am looking to work my way up the ladder. I started shadowing CrossFit coaches in 2012 and coaching on my own by 2013/2014. This coming year I will be attending the CF-L2 certification course, after I get settled in my new home of Rail Splitter CrossFit. So, why Rail Splitter? Well, before you guys were even built, I knew about it from my great friend Catlin and I just knew it was going to be something special because he wouldn’t shut up about it!! ;) ;)  Sitting on the beach in California at the 2015 CrossFit Games just shooting the shit and talking about how cool it would be to coach together come May of next year (2016).  Because he wouldn’t shut up about the new affiliate, I just knew I had to watch him and the gym closely. I watched him and his partners Sonny and Zack build the amazing community you all have and I just sat back and thought, how stinking cool it would if I could be a part of that community and staff? Rail Splitter CrossFit has a unique blend of coaches who are beyond passionate about their community, facility, and members and what better staff/community is there to be a part of; Can't think of one! I can’t express how excited I am to join you all come May; to learn from each and every one of you, share my knowledge and help you become better athletes inside and outside of the gym.  So with that being said I will see you all come May!!!

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. ”-John C. Maxwell


Coach Rachel