Capitol Takeover WOD 1



For Time

Partner A: (21/15)(15/12)(9/9)

Partner B: (21/15)(15/12)(9/9)

Alternating Dumbbell Squat Snatch (50/35)

Bar Muscle Ups



For Time

Partner A: (21/21)(15/15)(9/9)

Partner B: (21/21)(15/15)(9/9)

Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (50/35)


Our first workout is brought to you by one of our sponsors, Bear Komplex. We are excited to start the day off with some Dumbbells and Gymnastics. Please pay close attention to detail to eliminate any confusion the day of the event. Our standards will be held the same across the board and "No Reps" will be given out until movement is corrected. A few notes to element any confusion:

  • DB snatches are alternating. Your other hand may not touch any part of your body(Open Standard). Full lockout of hips and arm must happen before the rep is counted. You are allowed to switch hands mid-air or once the DB is on the ground. Both heads of the DB must touch the ground.
  • RX division must perform a full squat snatch with their DB.
  • Scaled and Masters divisions may perform power snatches with DB.
  • Scaled and Masters divisions may assist one another with Pull-Ups. 
  • Partner A must complete his/her reps of DB snatches and Bar MU/Pullups before Partner B can start their set of DB snatches and Bar MU/Pullups.
  • There will be a designated "rest area" and designated "work area"
  • Partners must tag teammate before they are allowed out of the "rest area"
  • Our judges get the final say, if they call a "NO REP" and you are uncertain what part of the movement is not being established, please communicate with the judge and they will let you know.
  • Link to video is below.