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Capitol Takeover WOD 1

WOD 1 - RX
8 Alternating Rounds
  100m Sprint
  4 Full Cleans (195/133)
  1 Rope Climb

12 Minute Cap

Partner B must be straddling the treadmill but must wait for Partner A to tag them in to start their run


WOD 1 - Scaled
6 Alternating Rounds
   100m Sprint
   5 Full Cleans (135/93)
   5 K2C+Pull-up (1+1×5)

12 Minute Cap

For the K2C+PU rep to count both must be done without dropping from the bar. If you miss the pull-up you must repeat the accompanying K2C.

Athletes in the Scaled Division are allowed to Power Clean and then perform a Front Squat.