"I started CrossFit when I was a junior in high school. After having to have two knee surgeries due to gymnastics injuries, I decided it was time to find something else. I wanted something that had a family, friendly, fun environment like I was used to from gymnastics. I started crossfit at another crossfit affiliate because Railsplitter Crossfit was not yet open. There I met Zack. When I found out he was opening his own gym with two Springfield firemen, Catlin and Sonny. I decided to follow him.

Since I started at Rail Splitter about 6 months ago, I have noticed major improvements. I have achieved new personal bests on my olympic lifts such as my Clean and Jerk and my Snatch, as well as gotten my first ring muscle up and learned to do double unders. All of the coaches are absolutely wonderful. Everyone is so welcoming. My favorite part of Rail Splitter is all the support that myself and all the rest of the members get from one another. It truly feels like a giant family."

-Savannah B.
"I began my CrossFit journey January 2013, over three years ago. While a member at an affiliate gym, I meet an amazing trainer, Zack Serrano. After 2.5 years at this gym, I learned that Zack would be a co-owner and opening his own gym with two other firemen.

After I joined RSCF, I have noticed improvements in my overall health and love the family environment at RSCF. I have noticed huge gains on my Olympic lifts, especially my snatch. Zack does an amazing job breaking down the lifts and even adjusts his coaching style in order for me to better perform the lift. I feel this is very important, as this lessens the risk of injury. Zack is a top notch coach. Also, the environment at RSCF is very family driven, much like what you would imagine a fire department family is like. All the athletes cheer each other on, through those difficult workouts. (We all have that one workout.. Mine is anything with burpees and pull-ups). Everyone truly cares about each other and encourage each other to be the best they can be.

In summary, I wake up almost every morning, racing to the gym so I can see my RSCF family and get an amazing workout. I do travel for my job, and miss my RSCF family when I am away, truly and amazing experience and the bright spot of my day. Would not have it any other way.."

-Shari F.
“I just celebrated 6 months with Rail Splitter CrossFit. Little did I know when I walked into that gym back in August I would be joining a family and community like no other. I sat around making excuses for not working out, I just needed to walk into the building and now I'm hooked!!! I've come leaps and bounds since I started and I continue to surprise myself everyday. I've lost nearly 40 pounds and I'm getting stronger with every lift. I look forward to the next 6 months and years to come at Rail Splitter CrossFit.”

-Keith W.